Synergy/Xlibris Press presents "WE'RE WATCHING HER SHOW: The Ethos of John Patrick Acevedo" (Appearing Christmas, The New York Times, 2018)
Synergy/Xlibris Press presents "WE'RE WATCHINGHER SHOW:The Ethos of John Patrick Acevedo"(Appearing Christmas,The New York Times, 2018)

The diagram below demonstrates how the active/passive "give and take" Holy Bible Sociology works as Evil when applied to the Tree of Knowledge and the Tree of Life as human weakness and strength.

COMPROMISE AS SOCIOLOGICAL GOSPEL:   “I am most fulfilled by sociological matters when I am reminded of the Gospel of Give and Take which I founded in January of 1991 while living alone in Forest Glen, MD.  It is based upon the two causes of human nature; namely the active and the passive sides of give and take and their respective effects upon morality.  We can appreciate how this gospel works when one actively gives and another passively takes and a spiritual or a passive giving results.  Similarly, we can observe how an emotional or a passive taking results when one actively takes while others passively give.  When give and take are both passive, give and take actively compete against each other.  And when one actively gives without another actively taking, he catalyzes an emotional or a passive taking.  Likewise, when one takes without another actively giving, his actions are usually met with the human resistance of a spiritual or a passive giving.”   -John Patrick Acevedo, July 16, 2017, Synergy Press.                                                                                                                           The next two diagrams below illustrate how New and Old Testament applications effect active/passive "give and take" Holy Bible Sociology in human nature by causing Good through the soul and the body (gnosis) as well as through the mind and the body (longing).                               

Godzilla and Human Radiation: Global Poems (2012 - 2017) by John Patrick Acevedo (Synergy/Mill City Press, 2017)
JOHN PATRICK ACEVEDO's eighth romantically-ascetic masterpiece entitled 'Godzilla and Human Radiation: Global Poems (2012 - 2017)' is now available worldwide!

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Cover to second 2013 Synergy Press book by John Patrick Acevedo 

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"As a poet it is my job to notice the giving that resistance murders with just as much irreverence as I ignore the taking that progress steals."
-John Patrick Acevedo, Poet.,
November 01, 2018, 12:31 a.m.,
Baltimore, Maryland

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